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What is time?

Do we get time?

Do we have time?

Do we take our time?

I will be in time, why I have no time?

Can I take my time or I must take my time?

Is there a time to be yourself?

To be or not to be, that’s the question.

Time flies.

Do we have time to get know each other?

There is a time you want everything and then you lost everything.

There is a time from come and go.

A new time is born

Welcome at ‘Help the Elephant’s World’ founded by
Agnes en Jan Verheek.

After a fruitful life in the Netherlands Jan, a successful development aid designer, and his wife Agnes settled near the Thai city Kanchanaburi. They are the inspiring volunteers behind ‘Help the Elephants World’ (volunteers only).

Elephants World is a sanctuary for sick, old, disabled, abused, illegal and street elephants, where they will receive the rest and joy that they deserve. They can enjoy themselves in their own natural environment here until their last breath.

Our main goal is to collect donations for necessary food and medicines for the elephants, and support volunteers who want to help us.

Jan Verheek Kachanaburi 2012

In Memoriam         Jan Verheek

Winschoten, September 13, 1948

Kanchanaburi, April 23, 2013