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Donations to Foundation Help the ElephantsWorld
(legally registered as Stichting Help the Elephants World - the Netherlands)

ElephantsWorld need your help to purchase the land

the elephants call home.

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Donations via bank to the foundation:

Help the Elephants World

ABN Amro Bank

Iban: NL58 ABNA 043 70 92 283


The Netherlands

noi elephants world kanchanaburi donation

As said on our Homepage we are very thankfull for many donations/gifts for NOI and Shritong.

Click here to see list of all donations.

The site where we have been taking care of our rescued, disabled and retired elephants for years is threatened to be taking away from us. Without your help and funds we will not be able to purchase this piece of land !

Our goal is to secure their safe haven and help more elephants into retirement : To do that, we need to raise around € 300.000 or
$ 340,000 (12 million Thai Baht).
With your help we can purchase the land our elephants call home.

Default donation currency is Euro.

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